Important Points Summarized:

  • Coinbase contemplated snapping up FTX Europe to strengthen its crypto derivatives game.
  • The ongoing circus of regulations is forcing Coinbase and its competitors to eye offshore markets like a hawk.
  • Just when you thought Coinbase was all-in for FTX Europe, it pulls back—thanks to winning the U.S. approval jackpot for crypto derivatives.

Listen up, you freedom-loving, crypto-wielding warriors! If you thought Coinbase was just content being the darling of the crypto spot market, you’ve been living under a rock. This behemoth was eyeing FTX Europe like a predator stalking its prey. Why? To inject steroids into its crypto derivatives business, that’s why!

The Allure of FTX Europe

Coinbase was like a moth to a flame when FTX Europe started sinking in the tumultuous seas of bankruptcy last November. This was not just a dying star; it was a golden opportunity. FTX Europe was a licensed gladiator in the European arena, wielding the almighty Cypriot regulatory license that let it offer perpetual futures to the market. If Coinbase had succeeded in the acquisition, it would have been like capturing the Golden Fleece, allowing it to sweep the European derivatives market off its feet.

Regulatory Minefield: The Offshore Odyssey

Now, let’s get real. The Eurozone is a regulatory minefield, a maze where one wrong step could blow you to smithereens. This is why Coinbase, along with other crypto hotshots like, is getting increasingly curious about offshore markets. Navigating these uncertain waters is a game for mavericks, and Coinbase seemed willing to roll the dice.

The U.S. Approval Game-Changer

But ah, plot twist! Just when you thought Coinbase was putting all its eggs in the FTX Europe basket, it wins the lottery. It got the green light to offer crypto derivatives to U.S. customers. For Coinbase, this was like winning the crypto Olympics, rendering its FTX Europe acquisition quest obsolete. This U.S. approval didn’t come easy; it was the culmination of a two-year pilgrimage.

So, What Now?

Coinbase might have backed off from FTX Europe, but don’t for a second think it’s retreating from the derivatives war. The American giant is just changing tactics. With its newfound U.S. approval, it has more tools in its arsenal, and you can bet it’s going to use them to conquer new territories.

Now, let’s not fool ourselves; the game is far from over. The crypto world is a turbulent sea, and Coinbase is but one ship trying to find its treasure. But one thing’s for sure: if you underestimate it, you do so at your peril.


By dadaas