Summary: CoinsPaid, a crypto payment gateway, lost $37.3 million due to a “meticulously planned” hack. The company points the finger at human flaws, not tech weaknesses. But let’s be real—this is just another chapter in the ongoing saga of human stupidity sabotaging cybersecurity.

Humans, not machines, screwed up, according to Max Krupyshev, the CEO of CoinsPaid. The company got taken for a $37.3 million ride, and guess what? Their tech was solid; it was their people who dropped the ball. Do I even need to say it? You can’t install a software update for human idiocy.

Smoke and Mirrors: The Illusion of Security

We’re in an era where blockchains are supposed to be the Fort Knox of the digital world. But guess what? No tech fortress can withstand the battering ram of human stupidity. CoinsPaid had its systems on lock, but all it took was some good ol’ social engineering to bring down the house of cards.

Ghost Town: The Silence That Screamed Incompetence

After the hack, CoinsPaid’s initial response was as quiet as a graveyard at midnight. In the crypto world, silence isn’t golden; it’s downright toxic. When trust is the currency, a lack of communication can bankrupt you faster than a bad trade.

International Espionage: North Korea’s Cameo

Oh, it gets juicier. Ever heard of the Lazarus Group? These North Korean bad boys are suspected to be behind the hack. It’s not just a business fiasco; it’s a damn James Bond movie plot.

Band-Aid on a Bullet Wound

CoinsPaid is talking about “employee education” and “white hat hackers” to fortify their digital fortress. Cute, but let’s face it—until the human factor is eliminated, we’re all sitting ducks in a shooting gallery.

The Final Nail: Unite or Get Wiped Out

Krupyshev says the industry needs to unite against these threats. Well, no shit, Sherlock! The crypto world is a battlefield, and if we don’t start acting like an army, we’ll continue to be easy pickings for any hacker with a keyboard and a brain.

So there you have it. CoinsPaid’s $37.3 million mistake is a lesson for all of us. Tech can only take us so far; it’s the gray matter between our ears that needs an upgrade. And until that happens, we’re all just one click away from becoming the next cautionary tale.


By dadaas