Well, well, well… Look who’s dabbling in the crypto underworld! None other than the former commander-in-chief, Donald “I Prefer Fiat” Trump. Lo and behold, the man who once scoffed at the very essence of digital coins is now caught red-handed with an Ethereum stash worth up to half a million! Oh, the sweet irony.

This gem of information, buried deep within an 82-page snooze-fest for the Office of Government Ethics, exposes Trump’s cheeky ties to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Yes, folks, the same man who lost the White House in 2020 is now using cartooned versions of himself to make a crypto comeback.

Now, I’ve seen wild NFTs, but Trump as a superhero? An astronaut? That’s comedic gold! And guess what? These digital Trump cards, launched at $99 a pop, saw a price roller-coaster wilder than his tweets!

But here’s the zinger: Trump’s dance with crypto is like a cat suddenly loving water. He barely peeped about crypto during his presidency, and afterward? He was all “Bitcoin feels like a scam” and singing praises for the good ol’ dollar.

While Trump’s playing crypto footsie, other Republicans are diving in headfirst. Miami’s Suarez, Florida’s DeSantis—they’re all aboard the crypto train. Yet, in the grand circus of politics, they’re still trailing Trump’s show. And let’s not forget our Democrat friend, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., flashing his Bitcoin cards.

So, in a world where Trump’s making crypto moves, and politicians are joining the blockchain bandwagon, you’ve got to ask: What’s next? Alien coins?

Source: Decrypt


By dadaas